The Red Dot Usergroup e.V. (OWUG) was founded in February of 2002 on the initiative of RedDot users and specialists to create an information forum independent of the RedDot Solutions AG for issues surrounding the RedDot application software.

RedDot partners as well as end users have gotten together for an intensive exchange of their experiences in order to quickly extend their individual know-how. Thus, a more efficient application of RedDot software in individual user scenarios for single problem solution is carried on faster.

The Open Text Web Solutions Usergroup association is holding regular user conferences and workshops. Members of  OWUG receive discounted rates for attending these events.

What does the Open Text Web Solutions Usergroup association have to offer to you?

Representing your interests

The Open Text Web Solutions Usergroup sees itself as the joint voice of users and partners addressing themselves to Open Text.

Overview of solutions, extensions and tools

Within the community, solutions, extensions, and tools relating to the Open Text-environment are constantly being presented, discussed, and enquired about.

Transfer and exchange of knowledge through workshops

In workshops lasting several days, skilled, dedicated speakers transfer know-how with reference to everyday situations through practically orientated problem-solving solutions. We start where the manufacturers' training sessions stop – with your day-to-day practice.

Constructive dialogue with RedDot Solutions

A dedicated competence team made up of experienced, committed usergroup members is in constant contact with Open Text to support the continued development of Open Text products with the users interests in mind.

Network of specialists and users

In the community everybody knows and supports one another. No matter if you are looking for an answer to a destinct question, need support for a project or a solution to a specific problem, you will find someone in the Open Text Web Solutions Usergroup who will help you.

Several user conferences each year

We organise several user conferences in Germany and other European countries and bring together members of the community to participate in interesting lectures, discussions, and to exchange information.